Thoughts in advance


A basic idea of physics is, that everything consists of energy. As i know, atoms have a core and relatively far away from it, compared to it´s size, some electrons spinning around. And somewhere in and between this researched energy, i regard as mobile energy, there is fix energy. That is the main point of all my theory. This fix energy energy i regard as vectors in the  space-time-continuum. This fix energy effects as vectors in mathmatics. You can determine the " result " by having 3 fix points. And there exists really much of this fix energy. A attribute of this fix energy is it´s stability. Depending on the pressure on it, it, well, not breaks, but changes. The change is maybe the spinning direction. In this context : i regard the brain of man having also a main spinning direction. Right an left

consequences of those thoughts

I do not beliefe in conicidence. A root cause has an effect. Consequently i try to conclude the cause of all my perception. I recommend in this context to deal with sayings about pain. All sayings about pain i read contain much truth. If you consider yourself as involved into the universal energy, then it is not a far thought to assume you can and do perceive impacts of it. And that there may be people that are more sensitive to it or even highly sensitive to it ( as me ) is also likely.


When you regard universe, world, earth an yourself as one energy entity you can quite not exclude any perception from having a meaning.


The perception of texts is an special and extraordinary challenge to understand your perception and improve your perception. I give, respectively can give, a meaning to every letter, syllable, word sentence. • perception • When you regard universe, world, earth an yourself as one energy entity you can quite not exclude any perception from having a meaning.  

hand gesture and finger movement

In Germany there is a student song titled : " The thoughts are free ! - nobody can guess them. ". I doubt that statement. If you watch kids and watch their hands you can exactly read their thoughts. Adudults are able to hide this. Fakes this. Or allow to show honesty. Depending on intention and capabilities. I regard many coats of arms having their form from hand and finger gesture.


In means of quantum physics and energy my theory works perfectly. To explain it : Your brain and thoughts are " just " energy. So, sitting in front of a monitor or screen of a cell phone, i assume there is permanently energy from your brain moving out of your head moving into your digital devices. And afterwards comes out through the digital device of your communication partner(s). This is not preventable. And you are maybe at the moment connectet on your phone or stream or video conference to others. Hence there is a permanent move and exchange of energy with others. Like if you meet someone personally.


... may have questions what the PsychoMathTheory is about.

To comprehend it simple : Nature and brain directly correspond, speaking to your body. At least that is the way it is with me. Just thought about it. I have buildt up my own " bio - feedback ". Happening non-stop.
But its hard work for someone to synchroize his own world needing decades.


About my bio-feedback system

(True ) Example :

When i send an email to whatever recipient I sometimes get 1 of those 3 kinds of feedback : 

1.) Stitches in my tounge.

     This means my email has provoked mainly hatred.


2.) Cold glowing lips.

    This means my email ( or me )mainly receives love.


3.) No feedback.

     This happens in most of all cases.


Theorycrafting : 

Every atom contains : ( 1/sum of all atoms ) * piece of all universal vectors.

Universal vector = non-flowing energy, commonly known as either demon or angel.

Holy Bible, second  sentence : 

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

=> It seems, like everything you see, is made from water and spirit.

As everything seems to have materalized.

But materalized from what ?

Obviously water.


And it seems to me, every atom contains every universal vector.


You say, not everything is universal vectored and vectorable ?


It is.

Example of sickness

Albert Einsteins daughter

Example : daughter of Albert Einstein.

Open communication is helpful to solve problems.
If the solution of problems ist intended. Lets assume this.

In case of Albert Einsteins daughter speaking parental heard thoughts public she cannot be understood by common people and must be diagnoticized crazy.

Just imagine Albert Einstein has successfully explained his daughter the relativity of time ?

Today, 100 years after, we know watches astronauts returning from space display  adiffrent time to earth.

But in here present time Einstein´s daughter would have had 0 chance of beeing receped as sane.

For a society-compliant education, Einstein would have had to keep his daughter silly by all means.

" Open Dialogue "

The idea of Open Dialogue is to solve misthoghts but also mis- and not understood thoughts by talking about.

But, true, in case of Albert Einsteins daughter a lot of work.

Atom and mirror atom.

Quantum physics talks about mirror atoms.
It is chemically the same atom as the basic atom referring mass.
tho diffrece between both : The spinning direction of the electron.

Resulting question : Are there right-spinning brains of humans and left-spinning brains too ?

Theory ( 2024-02-12 ) : Karl Marx had a left-spinning brain.


Finalizing thoughts

Universalistic science ended with Leibnitz in Germany.

Universalistic science is simulated by interdisciplinary shience.

There is a saying in Germany " Not to see the forest, because auf the many trees ".

Means : a student of a disciplinary science can lag an overview.

What i do is recombine disciplinary wisdom with  some more experiance.

What i absoltely not want is do telling people what they should do. No, i want to inspire them.

I do not seriously care about what people do - if they have first understood WHAT they do.

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